The winner of Portrait of Britain 2024 and now a part of the Museum of Youth Culture, we're excited to welcome Ellie to our growing photography roster. From documenting British subcultures to partnering with brands like Adidas and Nike, Ellie's work resonates globally.

    Her unique touch lies in her use of film processes, adding a certain depth to her storytelling. She sparks conversations, challenges stereotypes, and crafts to create authentic narratives.

    We sat down to chat about her inspiration and favourite pieces!

    Portrait of Britain 2024 ’Reiss Nelson - Versus”

    Your focus primarily lies in capturing people, especially through portraiture. What draws you to this particular craft?

    A fascination and interest in people, wanting to learn from and understand everyone & anyone around me!

    Tell us about your favourite project to date and why it has a sweet spot in your heart.

    The first long-term project I worked on was photographing and interviewing women in the grime scene. I was in university when I started it and was still very much learning how to take photographs and had never interviewed anyone before. I learnt so much from that project, how to create a visual style through my imagery, how to organise shoots, how to design and self-publish a photo-book, as well as learning so much about myself, those I was photographing and the scenes I was immersed in. That project will always have a special place in my heart, and is a reminder of how far I’ve come as a photographer on my journey.

    Are there any emerging photography styles/trends you are currently interested in and looking to introduce to your work?

    I’m interested in taking a deeper socially engaged approach to my work, making it a more collaborative experience. Whether that’s through adding elements they’ve created, such as their own artwork or writing, or working together to create an aesthetic that they feel honestly represents them in an authentic way.

    What are your career hopes and goals for 2024?

    I would love to start a new social documentary project, and to hopefully get it funded.

    And to finish off, tell us a NERDY fact about yourself.

    I get very excited about alternative printing methods, for instance taking a two-day algae printing workshop with photographer Laura Pannack last summer. So much fun!

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