Hayley Morris and her favourite animation project

    Today, join us for a conversation with Hayley Morris, the director behind the captivating stop-motion animation for MTV’s “How to Triumph Like a Girl.” Hayley shares behind-the-scenes insights and gives a glimpse into her creative process. We delve into her experience of navigating her first project as a new mother, adding a deeply personal layer …

    An End of Year Message From Us...

    So, can someone hurry up and tell us where the last twelve months have gone?

    A Beginner's Guide: How To Animate The Walk-Cycle Hack

    Animation director Garth Lee‘s step-by-step guide on how to master every beginner’s kryptonite, the walk-cycle.

    SIGNED! NERD Welcomes 3D Animation Studio Toast To Our Roster

    Christmas came early here at NERD! We’re excited to spread some brotherly love through our roster as we say our season’s greetings to Chris and Tyler Guyot, the brothers who founded Toast.