NERD's Black Stories: Animation Director, Maxwell. A. Oginni

Although our peers feel that efforts for a more diverse industry are being made; we still think that the actions taken are surface level, and black people are a rarity in our industry.

NERD's Black Stories: Technical Project Manager, Joshua Lawrence

Introducing yet another talented creative mind, as part of our Black History Month celebration.

Get To Know: NERD’s New Award-Winning Animation Director, Light + Mathematics

The vibrant and stimulating world of animation director Light + Mathematics, has been welcomed into the NERD family with open arms. Combining the use of his vivid colours, love of animals and youthful vision, Light + Mathematics’ CGI success has been measured with his association with huge blockbuster movies such as Harry Potter, Shrek, Ice …

SIGNED! 3D/CGI Director & Illustrator, Craig Minchington

We are over the moon to welcome award-winning, multidisciplinary director and illustrator Craig Minchington to the NERD roster.  Specialising in vibrant and dynamic 3D and CGI, Craig’s work (as well as his Instagram feed) is absolutely infectious.