New NERDs Signed! Director Duo Karni & Saul on Building a World of Casual Fantasy

    Exciting is an understatement! We are honoured to have Karni & Saul from Sulkybunny join our diverse roster! It is a pleasure getting to know them even better and treating you to a few bits on their style, most recent work and balancing their life as a working couple with kids. What have you been …

    AirWick Night: A New Take on the Award-winning AirWick Day

    From the makers of AirWick Day, AirWick Night comes to a screen (and a side table) near you! NERD Productions and Peter S. send a sense of ease and relaxation over the airwaves with this  stunning TVC  in partnership with Havas. The new film immerses you in a world of fireflies and lavender, married with …

    NEWS: Billelis Designs Dynamic Visuals for Latest Blockbuster Trilogy 'John Wick Chapter 3, Parabellum'

    “People keep asking if I’m back and I haven’t really had an answer, but yeah, I’m thinking I’m back.” He is most definitely back. 

    Our Top 5 Instagram Posts In 2019 So Far and Why We Love Them

    VISUALS! It’s all about the visuals. Delving into the analytics of our Instagram account always fascinates us to understand what our audience love to see, and it’s often what you wouldn’t expect. No surprises to this list though! 

    Getting Down and NERDy: Tom Disbury - Four-Legged Friends

    Who else could we be talking about other than our nation’s true sweethearts? Dogs! Labradors, Springer Spaniels, Whippets, Poodles, Beagles… We can never seem to get enough. Here’s someone else who can’t (along with some incredibly cute pictures)…

    NEWS: NERD’s Latest Signing Animation Director Sharon Liu on Climate Change Awareness Spots

    Our Earth’s temperature is rising, our oceans are warming and our ice is melting. News to nobody, right? But what does that mean for the future of our home and every living being in it? With the need to take action against climate change greater than ever, NERD’s Sharon Liu shares her concern and passion …

    Getting Down and NERDy: Brett De Vos - Embroidery

    “You may not think so from looking at me – a heavily tattooed guy with an oversized beard, but… my ‘nerdism’ is that of many an 80-year-old lady: I embroider. Yup, needle, thread and cloth kind of embroider… and I bloody love it!