'Must know' facts about NERD Productions animation director Sharon Liu

Sharon Liu on visualising the core values of a brand and using her skills to enhance the power of women. Earlier this summer NERD Productions spoke to Sharon Liu about her experiences, director tips and tricks, and a few opinions on recent changes in the world, and how it impacted her career.  What elements of …

Breath of Nature with AIR WICK directed by PETER S.

‘Every single decision we made, had that “Zen feeling” in mind’. It only takes pressing the play button to take a deep breath in and exhale in relief. This wonderfully textured photorealistic CGI piece, crafted by NERD Productions x Havas London for Air Wick, takes rhythmic pulsing and deep breathing to a whole new level. …

SIGNED! Stop-Motion Specialised Animation Director, Heather Colbert

Have you met the newest arm of the NERD family tree? Introducing hand-drawn and stop-motion obsessed animation director, Heather Colbert.

NEWS: It's Your Time To Break Through... Calling All Student Creatives!

You have to feed imagination from a young age. Encourage those ideas, build on that creative vision and spark new ones as you go along, it’s all part of the process. But how far will you go to make yourself stand out?

Getting Down and NERDy: Light + Mathematics - Animals & Nature

NERD’s CGI-sharp Light + Mathematics mirrors his infatuation for creating imaginary, child-like worlds full of billowing birds, scintillating squirrels and lustrous lions through each of his passion projects, as you may have seen in his roster of blockbuster movies such as Ice Age, Shrek, Harry Potter and Madagascar. But we wanted to know more…

Get to Know: NERD's Woman of Power, Milana Karaica

To signify 2019’s International Women’s Day, photographer and diversity advocate Yana Binaev‘s documentary photojournalism project launched with TMRW Magazine, designed to reveal the uplifting stories of eleven incredible, influential ladies who have made their mark and written their destiny despite a bumpy journey, including the woman at the heart of NERD’s core, our founder Milana …

NERD Says... #WeAreEqual

What do you think of when you think of International Women’s Day? Do you think of freedom, equality, the history behind the monumental day itself?