Film 'The Law of The Sea': Advocating for Asylum Seekers and Global Compassion

    We find ourselves in a world where asylum seekers face formidable challenges, where political decisions can exacerbate their plight, as evidenced by recent developments in the UK. We sat down with Elmaz Ekrem to talk about her film ‘The Law of the Sea’ that makes us shed light on the interconnectedness of the world crises, …

    Dancing & animation have more in common than you think

    Dance is the ultimate activity to let loose, forget about inhibitions, and boost physical health. International Dance Day is a global celebration of dance and we are celebrating NERD style!

    Paloma, The Directing Duo Who Sparks Creativity Remotely!

    Self-isolation and social distancing are the new normal. Offices are indeed closed, live-action productions cancelled yet our audiences are going to be online for many hours more and it’s the best time to reach out to out to them through animation &  illustration. In short, self-isolation might mean disruption to working life, but also means …

    Two Head Are Better Than One: Working As A Creative Duo!

    Mike & Payne, our recent signing talk early projects, working relationship and pros of working as a pair.

    How To Build Your Own Visual Identity

    Illustrator Luke Preece’s guide to finding your own identity as a visual artist and turning your passion into a career. Before I focused on illustration I was a graphic designer full time and a musician as a side hustle. I could definitely talk at length about my career choices and how I ended up where I …