Hayley Morris and her favourite animation project

    Today, join us for a conversation with Hayley Morris, the director behind the captivating stop-motion animation for MTV’s “How to Triumph Like a Girl.” Hayley shares behind-the-scenes insights and gives a glimpse into her creative process. We delve into her experience of navigating her first project as a new mother, adding a deeply personal layer …

    Dancing & animation have more in common than you think

    Dance is the ultimate activity to let loose, forget about inhibitions, and boost physical health. International Dance Day is a global celebration of dance and we are celebrating NERD style!

    Paloma, The Directing Duo Who Sparks Creativity Remotely!

    Self-isolation and social distancing are the new normal. Offices are indeed closed, live-action productions cancelled yet our audiences are going to be online for many hours more and it’s the best time to reach out to out to them through animation &  illustration. In short, self-isolation might mean disruption to working life, but also means …

    Two Head Are Better Than One: Working As A Creative Duo!

    Mike & Payne, our recent signing talk early projects, working relationship and pros of working as a pair.

    How To Build Your Own Visual Identity

    Illustrator Luke Preece’s guide to finding your own identity as a visual artist and turning your passion into a career. Before I focused on illustration I was a graphic designer full time and a musician as a side hustle. I could definitely talk at length about my career choices and how I ended up where I …