NERD Productions teamed up with Weber Shandwick to design the limited edition Skittles  Pride packs for this year's Pride campaign

    Skittles has been dazzling fans with Pride-themed packaging since 2020, reinventing their classic design each year to amplify awareness and spread joy. This year, the vibrant new pack, crafted by NERD’s dynamic LGBTQIA+ talents Shay Hamias and Esther Lalanne, bursts with fun and energy to honour the LGBTQIA+ community. NERD, an eclectic team of directors, …

    Fresh talent at NERD: Budding mixed media director Karolina Papp joins NERD Productions roster

    We are beyond excited to introduce Karolina to our ever-growing talent roster. Karolina is an innovative filmmaker known for blending live action with analogue animation, creating a unique and textured visual style. We are excited to showcase her talent along with a strong commitment to authentic representation and inclusivity in the film and advertising industry. …

    Hayley Morris and her favourite animation project

    Today, join us for a conversation with Hayley Morris, the director behind the captivating stop-motion animation for MTV’s “How to Triumph Like a Girl.” Hayley shares behind-the-scenes insights and gives a glimpse into her creative process. We delve into her experience of navigating her first project as a new mother, adding a deeply personal layer …

    Unveiling the Enchanting SpinMania campaign: How NERD’S Director Light & Mathematics Weaved Magic and Charm in This Fantastical Commercial

    Step into a world where magic, laughter, and creativity converge. Join us as we uncover the magic behind the making of SpinMania – a journey that promises laughter, wonder, and a truly enchanting experience. Discover a captivating journey of a director whose background includes legendary animated shenanigans featured in Hollywood franchises like Madagascar and Shrek. …

    Sustainable Production Unveiled: How to get to the greener future with NERD Productions?

    Is greener production just a myth? Join Ira Giorgetti, a creative producer and photographer from NERD Productions, as he shares his experiences and thoughts on sustainability in his career. Learn how simple changes can make production greener and discover ways to embrace eco-conscious practices. Can you tell us about your own personal journey when it …

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