3 Minutes with Billelis

    Billelis’s distinct visual style serves as a testament to his unconventional inspirations. Drawing from a diverse array of influences including religious iconography, Tarot symbolism, sci-fi aesthetics, demonic imagery, Renaissance masterpieces, anatomical illustrations a la Da Vinci, classical Greek and Roman sculptures, Baroque extravagance, tattoo artistry, and adorned saints, his work resonates with a haunting beauty …

    How to Promote Yourself on Social Media

    NERD’s 3D illustrator and animation director Billelis spoke to Digital Arts about the benefits of using social media to promote yourself and your work.

    Introducing... 3D Illustrator, Billelis

    We are thrilled to welcome Billelis to our diverse roster of talent here at NERD Productions.

    Get To Know: Paloma

    We recently welcomed animation directing duo Paloma to the NERD roster. Made up of Alicja Jasina and Lucas Borrás, Paloma is the meeting of two diverse, creative minds. Alicja, a Polish-born 2d animation director and motion graphic designer, has a background in fine art and illustration. Lucas, who is already represented by NERD, artfully blends …

    Introducing... Paloma

    We are thrilled to announce the launch of directorial tandem, Paloma, here at NERD Productions.