Hayley Morris and her favourite animation project

    Today, join us for a conversation with Hayley Morris, the director behind the captivating stop-motion animation for MTV’s “How to Triumph Like a Girl.” Hayley shares behind-the-scenes insights and gives a glimpse into her creative process. We delve into her experience of navigating her first project as a new mother, adding a deeply personal layer …

    Getting Down and NERDy: Garth Lee - Board Games

    What’s a better bonding session than a big, boozy game night? Crazy for creating Animation Director Garth Lee shares his second place passion for good old-fashioned rivalry – board games.

    Behind The Scenes With Billelis

    It’s #WorldGothDay! Who else are we going to be talking about other than our favourite maverick man, Billelis? 

    Jelena Tomić: My Paralysis Story

    Every time I think back to that day, those same emotions rush through my veins. The memory of being on the ice rink, joyfully skating swiftly past my classmates not knowing that the next day I would experience something that would forever change my life.  I was thirteen years old when I lost all sensation …

    An Open Letter to Art Students

    “The piece below was originally a letter that I’d written to a former student. Since then it’s gone through a few alterations. I wanted to share it with you because it’s nearing the end of the school year, and as someone who keeps a thread to his past, I remember what it felt like to …