Skittles has been dazzling fans with Pride-themed packaging since 2020, reinventing their classic design each year to amplify awareness and spread joy. This year, the vibrant new pack, crafted by NERD’s dynamic LGBTQIA+ talents Shay Hamias and Esther Lalanne, bursts with fun and energy to honour the LGBTQIA+ community.

    NERD, an eclectic team of directors, illustrators, and photographers, is renowned for their creative flair and commitment to diversity across various platforms. Their recent collaboration with Skittles on the annual Pride pack is a testament to their shared mission of celebrating and uplifting the LGBTQIA+ community with exuberance and style.

    For this project, Milana (NERDs Founder & EP) brought in visual artist Esther Lalanne, known for her dynamic style, to lead the design. Together with creative director Shay Hamias, Esther turned the Skittles rainbow into a lively scene inspired by Berlin’s Tempelhof Field. The design features hands, feet, and a single head, all engaged in different activities like roller skating, playing musical instruments, and forming a love heart with multiple hands. The design also includes an easel and a camera, symbolising creativity and capturing the moment. The vibe is confident and carefree, with the tagline: “When you find your community your colours shine.”

    Esther shared that balancing diverse identities in the design was a delicate and intricate challenge. The final artwork brilliantly captures a supportive and creative community spirit, using vibrant elements that resonate with everyone. Instead of individual characters, the design weaves together symbols that celebrate unity and self-expression, keeping the essence of togetherness at its heart.

    With Pride Month upon us, the limited-edition pack is now available to consumers, and Skittles has promised to donate $1 for every pack sold (up to $100K), as well as match donations up to $25k. These contributions will go to GLAAD, a non-profit LGBTQIA+ advocacy organisation that has partnered with Skittles for Pride Month every year for the last five years.

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