Billelis’s distinct visual style serves as a testament to his unconventional inspirations. Drawing from a diverse array of influences including religious iconography, Tarot symbolism, sci-fi aesthetics, demonic imagery, Renaissance masterpieces, anatomical illustrations a la Da Vinci, classical Greek and Roman sculptures, Baroque extravagance, tattoo artistry, and adorned saints, his work resonates with a haunting beauty that defies categorisation.

    Bill’s recognisable artworks have captivated audiences across the world, propelling him into collaborations with industry titans such as Nike, Warner Music, Netflix, Red Bull, Sony, and Apple, among a myriad of others. Through these partnerships, he continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression, leaving an indelible mark on the creative landscape.

    We sat down with Bill for a cup of tea, (yes he drinks tea… just like us :) ) to find out more about the most prominent moments of his career and hope for the future.

    What’s the most exciting place one of your artworks have lived in?

    Choosing between Times Square and The Dart Milan art gallery is a tough decision! Both hold significant moments in my career and are iconic in their own right.

    What is something you're looking forward to exploring or learning more about when it comes to your craft?

    Discovering the fulfilment that arises from achieving a genuine balance between life and work has been a game-changer. Over the past decade, I immersed myself in work, but it took a toll on my personal life. Recently, I've made a conscious effort to prioritize my free time, and surprisingly, it has led to heightened productivity and inspiration. It's as if setting self-imposed deadlines at the age of 35 has proven to be incredibly effective for me.

    Do you have any dream illustration projects? What are they?

    We love a glass ceiling, don't we? I have been so fortunate to work with many aspects of Hollywood and the gaming industry, coupled with the music industry and publishing book cover scene, I found myself spoilt for choice.

    I have recently really enjoyed working on more collaborative projects like beer can artwork, stage art for bands and personal illustrations.

    I would love to create a coffee table book with my entire body of work, but focusing on commercial opportunities I would have to say more gaming projects and perhaps a curveball would be fashion. The tangible aspect of my work out in the world is very fulfilling.

    See more from Billelis on his NERD Productions profile.

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