Home workouts are just as good as the ones performed at the gym - keeping fit whilst working from home feels amazing to your body & mind, and it’s always a good way to start or finish off your day.

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    For a short period of time, you might not be able to attend your favourite fitness class or local gym but this should not throw you off staying active. Remember that working out boosts your energy, helps to stay positive, relieves stress and does wonders to your body.

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    Whether you’re a gym rat or simply wanting to keep sane, there’s plenty of options to keep home training that are cash-free. Household objects, steps, and walls can be used to create your very own indoor circuit class and help you build your cardio and strength during your time at home.

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    Below, we’ve rounded up our favourite at-home work out movements that keep us in shape!

    Wall sits

    This exercise helps strengthen the quadriceps muscles – With your feet planted on the floor, shoulder-width apart, simply lean your back against the wall. Focus on breathing properly, Inhale and exhale through your nose, and breathe with your chest instead of your stomach. That’s it, flex your abs for 30seconds to a minute and get these abs you’ve always dreamed of and strengthen your calf muscles too.

    Steps ups

    Another great creative way to tone your legs is the step-up workout using one step – stand tall with your feet shoulder-distance apart in front of a step. Place your left foot flat on the step and keep your spine straight. Swing your body weight onto the left foot, breathe out, push up through your left heel and push your body up onto the step. Alternate with your right foot. Repeat these 10 times on each leg. Don’t forget to breathe!

    Front raises

    No dumbbells? No problem! Grab two soup cans, bottles of water or whatever tickles your fancy. Position them lightly touching the front of your thighs with your elbows extended. Stabilise your body with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart. Contract your torso, exhale and slowly raise your arms in front of your body until your soup cans are parallel with the floor. Inhale and gently lower your arms back towards your starting position. Repeat these 10 times. Don’t forget to breathe in-between upward and downward phases.  

    There you have it, our favourite at-home fun, don’t forget to stretch! 

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    illustration by Marcos Chin

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