If you're not one of the people that wakes up on a Monday morning high-fiving themselves, your Monday mood might just resonate with this.

    When you wake up in the morning and it hits you that once again, it's Monday.

    Mindfull - Shay Hamias

    Bear Grylls 'Escape From Hell' - Meriem Adib

    When your boss asks you if that urgent piece of work you promised to get done is ready to go out:

    Dolly Said No To Elvis - Heather Colbert

    When 4pm hits and you're practically falling asleep at your desk but need to power through until the end of the day:

    Indie - Fausto Becatti

    When you're almost ready to head home, but your boss asks you to stay behind and finish the work...

    Phase 1:

    At The Opera - Juan Pablo Zaramella

    Phase 2:

    Gravity's Law - Matt McDermott

    When a pitch comes in at the last minute at the end of the day and your whole team is told to stay behind:

    Fall From Grace - Peter S

    During your two-minute toilet break, looking in the mirror and asking yourself "Is it really still Monday?":

    Idris Elba - Meriem Adib

    When your boss finally tells you to go home:

    Orphans Of Ash - Peter S

    When you finally arrive home into your peaceful sanctuary ready to spend the evening unwinding before you have to do it all over again tomorrow:

    Gloucester Quays - Meriem Adib

    And for those of you who are a rare exception to the rule:

    Bose 'Strong' - Stewart Maclennan

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