Oh, the wonderful August weather. We definitely haven’t missed the rain! But with typically unpredictable weather, comes one of nature’s most special gifts – the rainbow. Have you spotted one yet? We were inspired to create our very own spectrum of visual vibrancy, through our talent’s illustration.

    • RED

    ‘Entmology’ by Billelis

    “A series of personal explorations combining genetic mixology infused with a hint of pattern design.” – billelis.com

    • ORANGE

    '36 Days of Type “8”’ by Craig Minchington

    In China, the 8 expresses the totality of the universe ? Cool, right? ?” - @nerdproductionslondon, Instagram

    • YELLOW

    ‘Sparkle Comes Pretty Cheap’ by Marcos Chin

    “Love how the image creates story in the viewer’s head.” – @aynklodraws, Instagram

    • GREEN

    ‘Pistachio Egg’ by Roman Bratschi

    “This is now my favourite art of yours!” – @aeraw, Instagram

    • BLUE

    ‘How To Create An Ad’ by Ahmet Iltas

    Which part of the process does this clip belong to? Watch the whole process in motion here.

    • INDIGO

    ‘Globe Torch’ by Elmaz Ekrem

    The understanding of the entire universe and what’s beyond is almost unfathomable and there was always something about this concept that I found so gripping, which has never left me.” – Elmaz Ekrem, NERDy Obsessions

    • VIOLET

    ‘Indian Dancer’ by James Gifford

    “Finally got round to finishing this in-between my working hours. Still not sure about the colours but hey… talk to the hands!” – James Gifford, Instagram

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