Forget what you think you know about life insurance, director Fausto Becatti has teamed up with radical new brand Indie to launch their new service aimed at young people who "live life on their terms." [embed][/embed] In this bold spot for Indie, NERD Director Fausto Becatti celebrates individuality and freedom with a fiercely creative and diverse cast. Fausto was given the chance to work directly with the creative team to brainstorm and conceptualise the project. He was heavily involved in every step of the production, overseeing the entire process. Along with his team, Fausto was given an incredible amount of creative freedom, with a view to creating something that truly stood out from other brands and set Indie apart. Using Indie’s ethos as the life insurance brand that focusses on living rather than dying, the film was designed to disrupt and breakthrough. “The current landscape for insurance advertising is incredibly stale and formulaic at the moment” says Fausto, “this felt like a chance to inject some fresh blood into the system. The product is truly breakthrough and it deserved a powerful way to communicate that.” The Process “We had very challenging setups to create on a limited budget, so this project required a lot of hands-on pre-production time to find the solutions. It also required a fresh batch of faces - not the typical model types - so casting was done by myself in a non-traditional way, using street casting and Instagram to cast mostly unknown faces” recalls Fausto. “It was a 5 day shoot with a lot of different setups. We played music loudly during filming to get a mood going and create a completely free and alternative way to running the set. Building the human hamster wheel was a highlight, as well as creating the look for the rat masks. At times, we had multiple different cameras running, and a B unit helping pick up certain shots. A 90s VHS camera added some much-needed texture. The amount of footage left on the edit floor is significant which is testament to what a challenging edit this turned out to be. It could have been cut in a million different ways, and we spent a long, long time in the edit, making sure we crafted the best possible piece, sadly having to leave so many amazing shots out the edit. The same can be said about the music, Pressure Cooker delivered after many days of crafting to capture the right tone and mood. Finally, the inclusion of titling and 2D graphic overlays, lots of smaller crafted touches just lifted the final piece into a rich and full piece.” Behind The Scenes See more of Fausto Becatti's work here. Want to know more about our directors? Get in touch!