Having recently launched Ahmet Iltas on our roster of talented artists and directors, we decided to get to know the multidisciplinary designer and illustrator a little better with a quick-fire Q+A session. Ahmet enjoys exploring light and shadows to create dreamlike environments and concepts for films, commercials and various other content. He has worked for high profile brands all over the world including Nike, Turkish Airlines and Coca-Cola. Keep reading to find out how Ahmet creates his work, who his dream client would be and discover where he draws his inspiration from. Describe yourself in 3 words. AI> Motion, Design, Music Tell us a little more about your style. AI> I really enjoy creating minimal and cubic concepts, my style can be said to be between these two disciplines. Playing with light keeps me excited during the whole process. My colour palette always includes vivid colours - I think this is what helps me to achieve a kind of ‘modern look’ throughout my animated films and illustrations. What is your usual process? AI> I like to firstly visualise the final look of each design/film in my mind and if it satisfies me I start to create it. But of course, being a multidisciplinary designer means that I often need to get experimental with it. So, I sometimes have to sketch lots of colour palettes and rough designs to catch the final look. What would be your perfect brief or dream client? AI> Oh, that’s an awesome question! “Hey, Ahmet we are trusting in your creativity, experience and aesthetic capability. Just do the project as you wish!’ I think this would be every directors and designers dream client for sure!  What product could you not live without? AI> My laptop! What product hasn’t been invented yet that would make your life/job easier or better? AI> Hologram digital painting technology – So I don’t have to keep a laptop or a tablet with me when I move somewhere. That would be awesome!  What do you listen to whilst working? AI> I am a big fan of Blues music. But low tempo electronic music is always my favourite. Which fictitious character do you most relate to? AI> Spawn! If you could have dinner with any well-known figure, dead or alive, who would it be? AI> Eyvind Earle! We can certainly see the inspiration from Eyvind Earle’s iconic 1950s Disney landscapes in Ahmet’s work! Click here to see more. Fancy working with Ahmet? Get in touch!

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