Live Action

    Mono is a writer-director who began his career after a Masters in Scriptwriting from Goldsmiths. His primary objective in storytelling is to connect text to visuals in the most thought-provoking way possible. This was superbly demonstrated by his critically-acclaimed short film, ‘Lost Bullets’, shot in Colombia about the drug war. The film went on to longlist at the Oscars, received multiple official selections and a "Best Director Award' in Mexico. He went on to direct a short documentary, ‘Corner Kings’, following a boxing cornerman who doubles as a surrogate father to local fighters in a working-class English town. The film was heaped with praise from BBC, Channel 4 and HBO, ultimately being acquired by ITV. 

    Mono approaches every commercial like it’s a film. His style is cinematic, gritty and humanist and it brought him to work with brands like Boots, Unilever and Clarks. He crafts each commercial with a meticulous eye for shot-making while consistently drawing tight performance. Ultimately, Mono believes the goal of the film is to go beyond text and visuals so we come away with the story. 

    He is also fascinated by diverse cultures at home or abroad and is always seeking new paths to expand his imagination. 




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