Mike & Payne

Driven by their mutual fascination with film, animation, anime, design, action and motion, directorial duo Mike & Payne come as a powerful unorthodox pair with no limitation on their medium or platform. They combine forces to create across 2D and 3D animation entwined with live-action.
Having been long-term friends throughout their career, they established an all but unique dynamic when they decided to come together to evolve their widespread skillset. Through explosive visuals and quirky characters, Mike & Payne make impossible things happen in incredible worlds. They embrace their dark side and use this to their advantage, injecting a visceral energy into the body of their work through their non-existent creative boundaries.
The pair has directed projects for a wide variety of clients including Adidas, Spotify, Nike, The Walking Dead, Honda and Jaguar.

Brisk Mate

Ink Master 'Return Of The Masters'

Dr. Who! - Tujamo & Plastik Funk (ft. Sneakbo)

Nike 'Air Max Day'

Jaguar 'Andy Murray'

Spotify 'Let's Dance'

Adidas 'Here We Come'

Light & Speed

SKii 'Korea'

The Walking Dead 'Saints and Sinners'

Deceit 'Badman Silence'

SKii 'Singapore'