Manos Chatzikonstantis


    Manos is a photographer inspired by good food, fascinated by light, captivated by elegant and appetising compositions and passionate about the smallest detail in each of his carefully crafted images. His food shots, be they in the studio or on location are natural, yet inviting and always entice you to wonder about the story behind them. Manos showcases a distinctive ability to connect with places and people. His Mediterranean cultural roots are evident in the richness of textures, skilful play with shadows, and the use of colour. These elements collectively contribute to the unique and distinctive character of his work. 

    His extensive portfolio includes contributions to numerous award-winning food and travel books worldwide. 

    Manos worked with various clients like Quadrille Books, Departures Magazine, Atlas Magazine by Etihad, N Magazine by Norwegian, Murdoch Books, Vogue (GR), Kyle Books, Smith Street Books, ECM Records, Linwood Fabrics, Ink Global (UK), Pepsico and  Ouzo Plomari.