Light + Mathematics

Light + Mathematics is the madcap laboratory of award-winning animation Director Peter Szewczyk. Instantly, we knew Peter would make a fine addition to the NERD family since he is, well... a bit of a nerd. An animal nerd, to be precise. Peter can tell you the shape of a goat's pupil, or the number of stripes on the rear-end of a Kudu. He does his homework so you don't have to! He prepares for each project with meticulous research so that when it’s time for production, he can let the creative sparks fly. 

Peter loves nothing more than to riff on innovative visual gags, monkey around with some goofy humour, or hatch a spectacular action piece.  In fact, it's likely you've already seen Peter's work since he's already applied his talent to blockbuster movies like Ice Age, Shrek, Harry Potter and Madagascar. 

At NERD, Light + Mathematics specialises in telling energetic, fast-paced stories, against lavish landscapes, using only the finest animal kingdom thespians, making him one of the industry's go-to directors for epic cartoon CGI.