Lewis Andrews

    Live Action

    Lewis sees the world as if it was a movie. At night he dreams up immense film sequences and applies a cinematic visual language to all of his work. Lewis believes there can be an element of mystery or darkness in everything and uses this thinking to enrich the storytelling in his films.

    He is fascinated by human behaviour and his perception of day-to-day experiences are often narrated in his head as a surreal, and sometimes intrusive version of reality. With this frame of mind, he is an all-encompassing, creative being. His imaginative senses are constantly alive, and he is always about to reveal the next big idea. Lewis has the foresight to see the big picture before filming, envisioning the right combination of colour and visual composition in the planning stages.

    Lewis has brought to life films for brands such as Nike, Puma, and Vogue. He has also directed music videos for Sony Music and independent artists. Most recently, Lewis has worked on Hollywood blockbusters’ Fast and Furious, James Bond, Mission Impossible and Cinderella in the aerial camera department at XM2 Pursuit.

    VOGUE India Commercial

    NIKE 'The Journey, Joe Gomez'

    Jake 'Drink'

    Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam

    Ebru Ellis 'Blocks'

    Vibbar - Sweden


    Hertford Clown

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