Kyla Philander

    Live Action

    Kyla Philander is a Film Director whose passion for storytelling ignited from their uncompromising and unique cinematic vision filled with hope. Their films reveal soulful, spellbinding stories and bring relatable characters to our screens. 

    They are determined to shift the consciousness of their audience with their work. Portraying honesty and intimacy. Kyla is continuously pushing themself out of their comfort zone behind the camera or in front of one. 

    Above all, Kyla is passionate about representation in the advertising industry. They are committed to bringing authentic stories to life by emphasizing the portrayal of different body types, races and gender, holding a mirror up to our society. 

    Their devotion to showing this world's realness has seen their craft for Google, Volkswagen and Ackermans, amongst others. The current advertising industry needs Kyla like a desert needs rain.


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