Karolina Papp

    Animation, Live Action, Mixed Media

    Karolina is a mixed media director who specialises in crafting emotionally resonant narratives with a hand-made aesthetic. Blending live action with analogue animation techniques, she creates colourful worlds that evoke nostalgia and imbue her films with a tangible, textural quality. Karolina is particularly passionate about representation in the film and advertising industry, both in front of and behind the camera. She uses her vibrant visual style to amplify voices, spark conversations, and ultimately, leave a positive impact.
    Karolina has worked with the likes of Netflix, BBC, Umbro, Lovehoney, Lenovo and many others.

    Top Boy CULTURE

    Riverside 11

    Yoga Slim 7

    Carling Reels


    JustSo TheCrown Legacy

    ADIDAS 09


    Self Pleasure