Jens Mebes

Animation, Mixed Media

Jens creates a truly unique aesthetic that is driven by his experience working at the intersection of branding, design, and technology. His stunning films push the boundaries of high-end CGI and live action storytelling. 
From his slick and energetic car films for Audi or Toyota to the mesmerising Dolby & LG series, his work has his audiences captivated through unexpected twists. Jens enjoys bringing to life moving images for commercials, VR experiences, experiential design-driven projects, or broadcast identity systems.
Jens has an incredible ability to translate product features and brand messaging into enthralling stories, which has led him to craft award-winning films for brands such as Apple, Google, Starbucks, Heineken, Motorola, Dolby, Under Armour, Audi, Nintendo, Hyundai, Ford, Jim Beam, Nike, Samsung and many more. 


Dolby & LG 'Moshropus'

Novartis 'Long Live Life'

Mary Kay 'Youth Infinity'

Dolby & LG 'Groomlake'

Dolby & LG 'Hummingbird'

Motorola 'Robusta'

Jim Beam 'Red Stag'

Dolby & LG 'Chameleon'

Coca Cola

Jens Mebes

Hilton 'Honors'

Samsung 'Blu-ray'

Dell 'Crafted'

Molsen 'Pour two'

Hyundai 'Postcard'

Ford 'Engine'