Craig Minchington

    Animation, Illustration

    Craig is a passionate visual storyteller and director that loves crafting narratives and creating emotional connections through 3D animation and design.

    He has collaborated with some of the world’s biggest brands – including Adobe, Lego, Nike, BBC, Seat, Johnnie Walker, Molton Brown, O2, and Playstation.

    With 16 years of expertise working both independently and at various leading creative studios across the U.K, he is always looking to use his skills to join forces and create beautiful work.

    Being an 80s kid, he loves to draw inspiration from nostalgic cartoons, computer games, music, and TV shows to create contemporary dynamic simulations, bursting with bold colours, energetic movement, and powerful composition.

    Yifinite LipLiquid

    Yifinite Cushion

    GoCardless Success+

    Aston Martin 'Vanquish'

    Craig Minchington


    Pangea Convex


    Molton Brown Compilation

    Craig Minchington