Brett De Vos

In each creative process, Brett loves working with ‘real people’ and weaving authentic narratives into each inspired piece, stemming from the experiences and truth of real life people all around the world. With a particular interest and resonance on the underrepresented, his captivating creations aim at positively contributing to both society and individuals. He celebrates diversity, inclusion and above all else, a shared feeling of humanity. 

Originating from a background in both performance and cinematography, Brett flourishes in the space between documentary and fiction. Stylised or authentic, Brett works to enunciate performance within distinctive visual frame work.

One clear strength of Brett’s is the ability to encourage others to feel at ease, in front and behind of the camera, subsequently retrieving the golden nugget of truth and reality, to communicate to his audience. This provides him with a unique and clear narrative voice that is real and raw, though subtlety layered with meaning through subtext and abstraction.