Bonnie MacRae

    Live Action

    Bonnie MacRae/BONMAC is an award-winning Scottish director making energetic, raw films with authenticity at the heart. Pointing her lens towards social matters like male suicide and endometriosis, Bonnie is devoted to capturing real life – with a twist. Her rhythmic storytelling aims to reflect fractions of society she feels are not always appropriately represented on screen. 

    With honest work that cuts deep, Bonnie wants to continue telling meaningful stories through frenetic, colourful visuals. Her love of comedy is something she wants to pursue, giving soul to the working class, female-led narratives she never had growing up.

    Her desire to create films that encapsulate youth, class and womanhood have led to work for Screen Scotland, BBC, The Mental Health Foundation and NHS. She participated in a Cove Park screenwriting residency working to turn her short film All Up There into a pilot, won a Dewar Award in 2021 and her very first film, Mind Yersel, went viral in 2020. 

    Bonnie’s determined to make you laugh and cry at the same time - both when watching her films and just in general day-to-day conversation.


    All up there


    Manifesto AW2020

    Mind Yersel


    Rosanne Still 2

    Bonnie MacRae