Alicja Jasina


    “A line is a dot that went for a walk”, as famously stated by Paul Klee, deeply resonates with Alicja’s artistic journey. For her, a line serves both as a medium and a distinct way of thinking - often defying conventional linear perspectives. Alicja’s films received many prestigious recognitions, including the shortlist at the Oscars in the Animated Short Film category for her short film “Once Upon a Line”. 

    With a blend of elegant designs, sharp wit, and a unique conceptual approach, Alicja's boundless creativity consistently captivates and engages audiences. Commercially, her line animations have earned her campaigns for renowned brands including Google, Casper, Disney, and Airbnb.


    CASPER 100Nights

    Once Upon a Line

    Alicja Jasina

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    Alicja Jasina

    Swiss Life

    Alicja Jasina

    Turbo Love 30