Shay Hamias & NERDY Collabs

Inspired and led by the award winning Shay Hamias and Milana Karaica. Shay is known for his uniquely progressive use of compositing techniques and frequently adapts cut out photo style, contemporary illustration, or stop motion and mixed media with a strong sense of design. He loves playing with new styles and approaches and incorporating fresh ideas into narratives with cool transitions. Milana champions young talent and diversity, always and all ways. She brings together talent from all walks of life and of various visual approaches and disciplines.

Together, our NERDs specialise in illustration design, animation and mixed media techniques. It only makes sense to make the most of all those expertise and allow the fiercely talented team to join forces and collaborate across different disciplines to tackle challenges from a variety of creative approaches. So feel free to pick & mix, if you like the visual style of one spot and technique from another we can bring it all together seamlessly. Those are often our most fun projects! The same can be said for pairing live action with animation.    

Awards include the D&AD pencil, LIA, British Animation Award, CLIO and many more.