Animation, VFX

Playdead has a flair for eye-popping designs mixed with high profile and original concepts. With no limitation to the medium, their passion is driven by the production of jaw-dropping VFX, animation and MGFX.  Their dark aesthetic is used as a way of transcending reality. 

Playdead love for storytelling means that they can be the backbone for any project with their array of skills, traits and attributes while creating impactful experiences that engage audiences. 

Playdead stunning work has meant that they have worked and been trusted with brands like the BBC, National Geographic, Channel 4, Sky, National Galleries of Scotland, Luxembourg Space Agency and more. 

ONO 'Element'

Coronavirus FACTS 'Tanami'

BBC 'No.67 Trailer'

Scottish Design Awards 'Intro 2020'

Neom 'Sublime'

Ted Hughes 'Stronger than Death'

Home Matters America ' American Dream: Part 2'

Luxembourg Space Agency 'Space Resources'

Digital Competence Framework 'Collaboration Two'