ALEXREZA is an award-winning director duo composed of two long-time friends and colleagues, Alex Anderson and Reza Rasoli. 

The writer/director/producer team works across broadcast, web, social, print, large-scale global events, and entertainment. 

Their work is a combination of a cross-disciplinary approach from animation, live-action, CGI, VFX, design, to puppetry. The pair are particularly focused on concept-driven stories with an upbeat and whimsical tone. 



Vans 'Journey'

Skype 'Call Forwarding'

Starbucks Coffee 'Grande Iced Coffee'

Georgia Power 'Night'

Method & Virgin 'We Are All In This Together'

Wendys 'Flying Squirrel'

Microsoft 'Zune'

Future Taco Meow

Beyonce 'Diva'