Ben & Jerry's

Here is a small selection of some stop motion, origami fun and organic feel examples! They range in different styles and techniques.
Our collaborative animation Directors are always eager to team up with each other on projects so if you like the style from one example and a technique from another we can always team up to bring your creative to life......
The last but not least is a little montage which is a mix of live action and CG "Gooey Liquids" for the hot fudge moment as we feel either can work well.
Please let us know if there is anything in particular you would like to see more of and we would love to explore this creative further if selected for the pitch.

Dragon TV Idents

Yibi Hu

Marou ‘Faiseurs de Chocolat’

Tom Jobbins

Leket Israel

The Nathans


Shay Hamias

Origami Logo Presentation

The Nathans

Asda 'Fuel'

Shay Hamias & Yael Biran

M&S 'Home'

Shay Hamias

Eloan ‘Loans Between People’

The Nathans


The Nathans

Verival 'Crunchy'

The Nathans

Erno Laszlo


Gooey Liquids

NERD Productions