The Nathans Initial Thoughts

Welcome to NERD! We love your bright and contemporary creative and have just the right NERDs to bring this to life!

The Nathans respectively come from different fields, but together they create a unique style that combines photography, design, 3D animation, stop motion, and 2D composition – versatile and original. They are sought after for their rhythmic music videos and have created commercials for the brands, Comcast, IKEA, The Spanish Lottery, and Coca Cola.

See below a few examples of their magical creatives bought to life.

We are flexible and collaborative in our approach so happy to utilise resource you have to offer and make the most of our skillet and tools for the best approach on this project. After all it is the best approach that should matter when putting creative first!

Verival 'Crunchy'

The Nathans

Black Pineapple

Yibi Hu

Channel 24 promo - Ice cream

The Nathans


The Nathans

Walmart '1 in 8'

The Nathans


The Nathans