Rafa for PayPal

Welcome to NERD! We love the optimistic, inviting and friendly vibe and we completely appreciate the uncomplicated narrative proposed. We think that authentic testimonial sharing is a great way to convey the brand message in this campaign, and we've got the perfect director to bring this project to life!

Rafa is an expert at drawing out genuine stories and authentic experiences from both seasoned talent and real, street cast people. A skilled expert at weaving believable, memorable narratives, Rafa's worked everything from political ads and art films to car commercials and documentaries. A masterful guide and storyteller who uses the Errol Morris technique in directing testimonial style performances, he’s definitely a great fit for these entertainingly informative films.

Rafa’s feature ‘Yo’ won the Revelation of the Year Award at the Cannes Film Festival, FIPRESCI at the IFF Rotterdam and the Gran Prix at the Annecy Biennial and his commercial work has led to collaborations with IKEA, Volkswagen, La Quiniela and PhotoEspaña. We've prepared a selection of some favourites from his reel, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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ARRIAGA - Vivienda No Entregada

ARRIAGA - Herencias

Theatre Principal 'Sunna'

Rafa Cortés

Teatre Principal - Animales en la Sala Grande

La Quiniela 70 Aniversario

Rafa Cortés


Rafa Cortés

Master Vacunas - Juan

Master Vacunas - Vera