Oli for POV

Refreshingly fluid in his shots and with a knack for timing, Oliver Kember has a shoot portfolio that spans from commercials for TV and online through to short films and music videos. His big visuals are sprinkled with empathetic insights, a humour that is sometimes dark and absolute attention to narrative, frame, and flow. This is just a taster of how he brings his compelling characters to life. His gripping and cinematic works have featured in the Hollywood Reporter and Cinematographer.
Oliver shoot with our global range of clients and leads local teams with delight each time. Great with camera work and in camera visual tricks.
Here are a couple of examples of his POV works- try not to cry at the end of 'Be Mine'! Also an elegant pet, just to tick that box for you.

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We are proud diversity and inclusion advocates as we feel very strongly about bringing diversity to our industry. We are all a set of people from various backgrounds and believe that all our differences make us a stronger, creative community.

A Minor 'Be Mine'

Oliver Kember

Thomson 'Cape Verde'

Oliver Kember

Kensington Design

Oliver Kember