NTAH Animated Type Graphic Styles

Welcome to NERD! We've got a fiercely talented roster of animation directors and motion designers who would be the perfect fit to bring your promo to life. We've put together a few select pieces featuring work aligned with the visual technique referenced.
The visual style is always different but the technique of how we do this is the same. There are also a few examples with just type but we can intergrate that over and into the live action the same as in the other examples.

We are a creative production studio representing diverse hand-picked directors and illustrators, crafting live-action, animation, mixed-media and illustration styles for TVCs, online content, OOH/DOOH and more.

We are active diversity and inclusion advocates, constantly seeking, nurturing and empowering young talent, female talent and talent from under-represented backgrounds. Our goal is to help change and reshape our industry to be a more diverse and inclusive one, today, tomorrow and for future generations to come.

Paralympic Games

Shay Hamias & Yael Biran

Phillips Sham

NERDY Collabs


Silence Moves

Shay Hamias

House of Holland


COI Try Life ‘Dancer’

The Queen

Nike 'Air Basketball'

US Navy - Make Your Name Animation Test 2 (Reveals)

Clean & Clear - Morning Burst


United for Wildlife

Shay Hamias

Royal Opera House

Shay Hamias

Trident 'Tropical Twist'