Nicorette Initial Examples

Welcome to NERD! We love the idea of your playful and fun creative and as it happens it is right up our street as we get to craft animated elements that we then get to seamlessly marry with a live action base. Below are just a few animation style examples that we can use to integrate with the live action.
We are a creative production studio representing a diverse range of hand-picked directors and illustrators, crafting live-action, animation, mixed-media and illustration styles for TVCs, online content, OOH/DOOH and more.

We strongly believe that nurturing talent and championing diversity are the key ingredients to producing powerful visuals that stand out, engage and communicate with our global audiences in a relevant and relatable way. That's why we are active diversity and inclusion advocates, constantly seeking, nurturing and empowering young talent, female talent and talent from under-represented backgrounds. Our goal is to help change and reshape our industry to be a more diverse and inclusive one, today, tomorrow and for future generations to come.

Mortgage Choice 'Celebrate Dance'

Yibi Hu

Old Navy 'Road Trip'


Trident 'See What Unfolds'


Creative Juice

Carolina Lemke

Lucas Borras

Nike 'Air Basketball'


Lucas Borras

Old Navy 'Vegas'


Coca Cola Edit

Shay Hamias