NERDY Examples for Toyota

Welcome to NERD! We love the idea of your bold, dynamic and fun creative approach and as it happens we do have a variety of fiercely talented Director, Shay Hamias who enjoys storytelling thought clever use of stock images or footage, seamlessly married to animated elements or just simply given a new lease of life. Each time crafting a new look for creative concepts and bringing them to life in a stylised and elegant way. Below are just a few examples for you that range in style & approach that were all created using stock footage clips or stills, to tell very different stories in a 'non-traditional' way.

Our NERDs specialise in illustration design, animation and mixed media techniques. The award-winning team come together and collaborate across different disciplines. So feel free to pick & mix, if you like the visual style of one spot and technique from another we can bring it all together. Those are often our most fun projects!

Our collaborative attitude is not something we practice internally only, NERDs also work closely with our clients too from the early development stages of production to create a bespoke look & feel for the brand, something instantly recognisable! We are flexible in our workflows to ensure highest creative quality output on each one of our carefully crafted films. Our production is all in house from start to finish ensuring end result is something we can all together be proud of.

We are proud diversity and inclusion advocates as we feel very strongly about bringing diversity to our industry. We are all a set of people from various backgrounds and believe that all our differences make us a stronger, creative community.

Chivas Regal 25 ‘A Legend Reborn'

Shay Hamias

Carabao 'Chelsea'

Shay Hamias

Maison Margiela Replica (Old)

Yibi Hu

Hyundai 'Journey'

Vertu ‘Aster’

Shay Hamias

Rimmel Lip Revolution

Garth Lee


Shay Hamias

Inside Europe

Shay Hamias

Trident 'See What Unfolds'