NERD Productions Jan 20

Welcome to NERD! We are a creative production studio representing a diverse range of hand-picked directors and illustrators, crafting live-action, animation, mixed-media and illustration styles for TVCs, online content, OOH/DOOH and more.

Our team of fiercely talented Directors, Illustrators and Producers from all backgrounds and walks of life bring our similarities and differences together under one roof to bring to life creative concepts that exceed client expectations for every brief. Our collaborative approach is not something we practice internally only, NERDs work closely with our clients too, from the early development stages of the production process to create a bespoke look and feel for the brand, something instantly recognisable! We are flexible in our workflows and approach to ensure the highest creative quality output on each and every one of our carefully crafted visuals, that we can altogether be proud of.

We strongly believe that nurturing talent and championing diversity are the key ingredients to producing powerful visuals that stand out, engage and communicate with real people across the world. That's why we are active diversity and inclusion advocates, constantly seeking, nurturing and empowering young talent, female talent and talent from under-represented backgrounds. Our goal is to help change and reshape our industry to be a more diverse and inclusive one, today, tomorrow and for future generations to come.

NERD's talent all share one key ethos - create work that empowers or inspires and promotes equality and tolerance. We are members and supporters of organisations such as Free the Bid, OWNED and more.

Montage 2021

NERD Productions

London Dairy

Garth Lee

John Wick Chapter 3 'Parabellum'


Honda 'Powered by Honda'

Lyft 'Lumberyard'


Casper TVC


Adidas 'Create Energy'

Misys With VO

Shay Hamias & Yael Biran

Bose 'Strong'

Stewart Maclennan

Verival 'Crunchy'

The Nathans

Paragard "Fits Your Life"

Hayley Morris

Bonjela 'The Only Superpower You Need' (20 sec)

Corinne Ladeinde

Burt’s Bees “Grape”

Hayley Morris

Bugaboo Turtle 'Commercial Hero'

Brett De Vos

Beyonce 'Grown Woman' (Old)

Yibi Hu

Vertu ‘Aster’

Shay Hamias

Be Indie Cutdown 2

Fausto Becatti

Freederm ‘Goose’

Light + Mathematics


Shay Hamias

Marou ‘Faiseurs de Chocolat’

Tom Jobbins





CANSA ‘Testi-monial’

Hylton Tannenbaum

Leading Ideal One

Peter S

Nike Marble Basketball


Black Panther




Ebony Female 'Sex Addiction'

Marcos Chin

Sweaty Betty 'Workout Wagon'

Marcos Chin

Sparkle Comes Pretty Cheap

Marcos Chin

Better: You - brand refresh 2017 (8)

Craig Minchington

Farmer Landscape

Ahmet Iltas

Nature's Orange

Roman Bratschi

White Winter

Roman Bratschi

Night beach

Ahmet Iltas

Chandelier Swing

Roman Bratschi

Judge Dredd

Luke Preece

Gears 5 'Bound by Blood'

Luke Preece


Luke Preece