Lucas for Lotqia Stop Motion Initial Thoughts

Welcome to NERD! We love your ingenious creative approach and as it happens we have just the right award winning, visionary to bring these visuals to life in an equally charming & elegant approach. Below are just a few examples of Luca's stop motion work that came to mind immediately. Those range from landscapes time lapse to table top and more..

Lucas is an international award-winning director, artfully blending live action and animation in his mixed-media approach to storytelling.
He has worked throughout Europe and the US with clients like Honda, Amex, Trident or Erno Lazslo among others. His work has been shown around the globe at festivals such as SXSW, Ottawa Animation Film Festival and St Kilda and has appeared in the New Museum in New York and the Museum of Fine Arts of Boston.

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Lucas Borras

HSBC Advance Loans

Big Brother 2012

The Nathans

Quantic & Alice Russell ‘Magdalena’

Lucas Borras


Lucas Borras

Gildan Basics (T-Shirt)

American Express 'Personal Loans'

Lucas Borras

Idea City 2011

Lucas Borras

Meijer - Hands

Comfort Color

Erno Laszlo


Humira - How To (Sharps Container)