Luca Intial Examples

Here are some examples of Luca's treatments on textured surfaces as well as liquids for projects that we crafted films and stills as a part of the deliverables.

as some of your team know, in our mission to bring diversity to the industry we nurture up & coming talent as well as female talent & BIPOC talent.
We have an incredibly talented NERD that I would love for you to consider for this.
He has crafted some amazing works for Xbox, Sephora and more so far in collaboration with other NERDs.. He would be supported by Shay (who you met on the call) our multidisciplinary senior talent coach and myself too, as we do this with all out up & comers to help clients feel safe.

Of course these were with different briefs in mind so have a different look & feel but the approach we would use is the same.

Nike Air Max Day Heritage Visual




Sapphire Candle

Nokia Aisha

Matthew McDermott

Sephora 'Mandarin'

Roman Bratschi

Sephora 'Mandarin'