Live Action to Animation Transitions

Welcome to NERD! We love the though of thought of taking ordinary live action interview footage and giving it a new lease of life by treating and elevating these elements with animation! There is no better way to grab views attention and hold their engagement throughout a film.

Here are some examples of how we have created transitions, treated land transformed live action characters and stock photos as well as footage.
Keep in mind that these are done for different clients with different briefs and goal so we can take any animation style you like and transform your live action into that!
It's no challenge - just fun.

All of the examples have the same premise - so feel free to choose your favourite animation style and we can think of a creative way to transform us from one world into the animated one, like we have for all these.

Mindfull- characterisation example.
TED- great way to break up a long content film with transitions and cut always. You will see we treated the title cards from the live action in this water colour style which works really well and we can go into full watercolour worlds as we did in here in the longer scenes.
muShoppi- demo of an app, using a real shopper character and basing out animated hero on her. We can do this for your film and instead of the animated character coming into the live action world, we will follow the animated character into the animated world.
Evian- This is a real photograph we treated in simple line style so we can do the same, keeping the features realistic, as they draw on over our speaker and then continue to transform the world into an animated setting.


Shay Hamias

TED 'Pillar'

Shay Hamias & Yael Biran



Evian Frame

Lucas Borras

Dr Oz 'Half Your Plate'

Shay Hamias

Honda 'Powered by Honda'

Quantic & Alice Russell ‘Magdalena’

Lucas Borras

Phillips Sham

NERDY Collabs

Take That

Shay Hamias & Yael Biran

BBC Four 10th Anniversary Ident

Matthew McDermott



Telenet 'Massively More Digital'