Live Action back-plates and 2D animation styles

Welcome to NERD! We love the idea of you charming and warm creative concept. We enjoy utilising live action back plates or stock footage and then crafting organic animation elements to further enhance those. The cherry on the cake is to mix those up and blend them seamlessly together - dream! It really does tick all our NERDy boxes! As it happens we do have fiercely talented directors here at NERD that work with those techniques in a variety of visual styles. We can bring your stories to life in a stylised and elegant way.
The lead on this project would be Shay we specialises in animation, mixed media and typography. He has been awarded a D&AD pencil amongst many more awards for his works for Tim Burton and feel good creative projects. Shay loves collaborating with our young talent here at NERD Productions in order to mix live action with animation or different animation styles. He is also one of our diversity and inclusion advocates.

Our NERDs specialise in illustration design, animation and mixed media techniques. The award-winning team come together under one roof and collaborate across different disciplines to tackle challenges from a variety of creative approaches.

Our collaborative attitude is not something we practice internally only, NERDs also work closely with our clients too from the early development stages of production.We are flexible in our workflows to ensure highest creative quality output on each one of our carefully crafted films. Our production is all in house from start to finish ensuring end result is something we can all together be proud of. Finally, don't let the time difference scare you- over the years we have developed workflows that help us utilise the time difference rather then allow it to get in the way. Below is a quick 'Light Test' that Shay did this morning in just a few hours so please note this is very initial, just one light stream and will need a lot more development. He would like to add more of a range in the strands, colours that fit the branding etc...

We are active diversity & inclusion champions who seek, nurture and support talent from non-traditional backgrounds, female talent and young talent. Changing and reshaping our industry to be more inclusive one film at a time!


Shay Hamias & Yael Biran


Shay Hamias & Yael Biran

Head 'Alpha'

Yibi Hu

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Shay Hamias


Corinne Ladeinde