Laurel Road Initial Thoughts

In the example below we have used a combination of illustrations to lead the story and along the way you will see that we discover 'real' still images seamlessly placed into the animation and flow of the story (appx 52 sec of the film onward). Also, there are filmed interviews that are a part of the journey (appx 1 min 19 sec onward).

We can use a similar technique with your elements where we travel around the space and come across the different stories... We would work with you closely to design a bespoke look & feel for your film using brand colours etc depending on how much you want to bring those talking heads to life.

There quite a few routes we can explore once we have a better understanding of your vision for the film.

NERD is a creative led production home to our global talent. We collaborate closely with our clients from start to finish to ensure we put your resource to best use and deliver creative that is something we can all be proud of together!


Shay Hamias