Kotex Initial Thoughts

Welcome to NERD! We love your artful and elegant creative approach and as it happens we have just the right team to bring your concept to life in a equally elegant style.
We are delighted when we can craft films where we are blending live action and animation in his mixed-media approach for most visually delightful creations.

Below are just a few examples of bright, fun and fashiony visuals. If you like the style of one spot and the approach from another - feel free to pick & mix as we love to come together and join forces when the opportunity pops up.

We would love to collaborate with you too and explore a bespoke look & feel, something epic and impactful that will grab attention of our viewers.
Lets make some fun!

Paul Smith 'Kaleidoscope'

Stewart Maclennan


Corinne Ladeinde

Trident 'See What Unfolds'


Carolina Lemke

Lucas Borras

Clean & Clear - Morning Burst


Happy Holidays

Old Navy 'Boyfriend'


Old Navy 'Vegas'