Interesting ways to use stock images & Footage examples

Welcome to NERD! We love the idea of your fun, playful yet premium and tactile creative approach on treating stock elements.. The use of live action stock footage or stills along with some bespoke supporting elements and clever animation tricks- all seamlessly stitched together to achieve a polished and engaging film. It ticks all our NERDy boxes! We are very excited about the endless fun we can have with this.
Here are some examples where we mixed stock images, we added some supporting designs & animation too in order to give it a unique feel. We added camera tracking and a sense of depth to really make stock feel 'non-traditional'.
In terms of the examples below, some are more stylised sets with objects and others feel more 'real' and have seamless transitions between sets/shots.

The initial film (Chivas) has been made only from stock images, which were carefully selected,prepped and placed into their environments. Then we animated only the atmospheric elements, like cigarette smoke etc to make the film feel glam! The camera seamlessly travels trough time and from shot to shot to tell the story of time passing. Please note the dated look is intentional for story purposes, this can have the same technique but a very modern 'look' too! For example, the Vertu film- is all made of individual elements too but you would never know! We shot or sourced each visual separately and then stitched it together to give it the fantasy but contemporary look.

We do have a variety of talented Directors here at NERD that work in a range of these styles & techniques, who can bring your story to life in a stylised and organically rich way, below are just a few examples for you that range in the overall look and feel as well as different techniques we can utilise in our approach. We are in our element when we are able to combine a range of powerful visual elements such as animation, stock, shot etc and blend them together.

Our award-winning team come together under one roof and collaborate across different disciplines to tackle challenges from a variety of creative approaches. So feel free to pick & mix, if you like the visual style of one spot and technique from another we can bring it all together.

Our collaborative attitude is not something we practice internally, NERDs work closely with our clients too from the early development stages of production to create a bespoke look & feel with you, something instantly recognisable! We are flexible in our workflows to ensure highest creative quality output on each one of our carefully crafted films.

Not only do we bring to life TV commercials, digital content, print advertising and OOH/DOOH, but we strongly believe that nurturing talent and championing diversity are the key ingredients to producing powerful visuals that stand out and communicate with real people across the world. That's why we are active diversity & inclusion advocates, constantly seeking, nurturing and empowering young talent, female talent and talent from under-represented backgrounds.

Chivas Regal 25 ‘A Legend Reborn'

Shay Hamias

Vertu 'Garden'

Shay Hamias


Corinne Ladeinde

Oxfam 'Work For Oxfam For A Day'

Shay Hamias


Shay Hamias

Coca Cola Edit

Shay Hamias

Rimmel Kate Moss

Garth Lee

Take That

Shay Hamias & Yael Biran


Shay Hamias


Shay Hamias & Yael Biran


Shay Hamias