Hylton for Philips Initial Examples

Welcome to NERD! We love the idea of your fun and comedic creative concepts. They are right up our street! As it happens we have a fiercely talented, Cannes Lion winning comedy director, Hylton to bring your films to life in a elegant visual style.
About Hylton:
Never wanting to be pigeonholed into a just one specific style, Hylton has built up a diverse range of directing abilities but favours shooting comedy spots, featuring authentic characters. Capturing those charming human interactions, creating realistic, natural, optimistic and warm films that capture genuine moments, we can all relate to and then sprinkling them with humour! No better way to make engaging films.... Having had such wide shoot folio also means that he can comfortably shoot anything from table top foods to real people, for our range of global clients.

Overall, Hylton is not just a delight to be around on the shoots but he is always keeping spirits high and his crew positive. He is a safe pair of hands and flexible in his approach. Having to shoot extensive elements for one campaign in short time is something he is extremely experienced in.

About NERD Productions:
We are a creative-led studio producing all things animation, live action & mixed media moving image and illustrations. Our team of award winning Directors and producers come together under one roof to collaborate closely with our clients to craft films we can all together be proud of. We are also keen diversity & inclusion advocates on and off camera.

Ford 'Truck Month'

Maynards 'Juicy Kaboom'

Hylton Tannenbaum

iWyze 'Katlego'

Nestle Decorating Dad

Hylton Tannenbaum

Dastsun 'Backtrack'

Hylton Tannenbaum