Hylton and Simon for GreenWise IceCream

Hylton, an award winning Director, never wanting to be pigeonholed into too much of a specific style, he has built up a diverse range of abilities that complement one another. All his capabilities go hand in hand, from performance and even technical solutions to crafting beautifully captured table top foods & liquids into elegant, epic and glossy shots. Hylton is always able to add that bit of special charm and comedic twist to his huge range of works.

Simon Paul is a leading Tabletop/Food & Drink DOP who would be a fantastic addition to support the Director like Hylton on this project. He has worked all over the world including USA to bring to life many food & drink films independently or with a Director. Those two together are a perfect marriage for this project and below are just a few examples of their works.

Baskin Robbins 4 Fun Flavor Cake

Food Montage

NERD Productions

Alpro Pouring

Sunfoil TVC

Hylton Tannenbaum

Liqui Fruit

Hylton Tannenbaum


Hylton Tannenbaum

Alpro Coconut