Harriet for HS Olympic

Welcome to NERD! We love your empowering and inspirational creative. It has resonated with quite a few of us here including Harriet, who is a great fit to bring this film to life in a genuine, emotive and real feel.
Her inspiration stemmed from her youth when she spent much of her time exploring her homeland in Tasmania and was captivated by the island’s charming bush-land and beaches, where she often travelled to let her imagination run wild. Combined with her love of any and all the VHS tapes that she could get her hands on back then, this turned out to be the recipe she needed to begin moulding her own career path.

After taking the leap of moving to London in 2009, she started off directing in fashion film and had the honour of working side-by-side with a number of renowned childhood heroes, such as Sir Ian McKellen. Her personal short films and music videos were well received at worldwide awards festivals, such as Cannes, and were selected for Vimeo Staff Picks.

No matter the project, Harriet devotes her passion to discovering its heart and soul, encouraging a stronger connection with her audience through her craft, whether it be by triggering a sweet smile or an inquisitive thought.

Over the years, she has worked with an array of prestigious clients including Adidas, Nokia, Rimmel, Pantene, Shell, Hotels.com, Eurostar and Heathrow, to name a few.

Royal British Legion 'Pause'

Heathrow 'Sound Escape'

1883 Magazine 'Issue 7 - Sir Ian Mckellen' Promo

Adidas 'Create Energy'

Silence Doesn't Mean Tranquility (Short Film)

Sheets - Alexander Remus (ft. Liza Flume)

Ballet Boys 'Flight - If Life Had A Safety Demonstration'

Nokia 3310 'Barcelona Buskers'