Full Length Examples from General Reel

Here are a few bits from the reel that were not full length such as the short film by Nadav which you will really enjoy!
I also added a a couple of things by Oliver as his work is very funny but quite ironic/dark at the same time.
Finally, the multi award winner CANSA "Tesi-monial" which you will enjoy for the clever script and execution.

A Minor 'Be Mine'

Oliver Kember

'Amy' Short Film

Oliver Kember

Moving Pictures

Nadav Nachmany

CANSA ‘Testi-monial’

Hylton Tannenbaum

Beyonce 'Grown Woman' (Old)

Yibi Hu

Chivas Regal 25 ‘A Legend Reborn'

Shay Hamias


Shay Hamias